MTBO finish19 October 2019 is a significant date for Munich orienteering and particularly for our club. I and Arist Kozhevnikov organized for the first time mountain bike orienteering (MTBO) competition on the map near Starnberg. Classic distance in 3 levels of difficulties were presented to the participants. 

Good weather, dynamic orienteering, interesting choice of movements between control points - everything were exciting for all competitors. Almost 20 participants started today, there were even runners! The fastest time on the distance A was shown by, the runner from our club, Tihomir Despetovic (1:05:57), while the fastest through the bikers became Uwe Weid (OLV Landshut) (1:18:39). In distance B the best result showed by Teresa Burrell (oc München) (1:27:42).

Finally, I want to say many thanks for all participants for coming and for your usefull reviews about distances and map. Everything will be take into consideration in order to improve quality of the next MTBO start in Munich! 

Sincerely yours,
Alexey Kupriyanov